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Woo! I made it. I had my doubts at times as to whether I would. I was connecting through Dallas, and my outbound flight from San Francisco was delayed by nearly 2 hours due to weather, which put the connection in jeopardy. The good news was that the outbound flight from Dallas was also delayed, and American Airlines held the flight for the other connecting flights. I think we left about 3 hours late from DFW, but I was so relieved to make the connection myself that it didn't matter. The flight was pretty miserable because I can't sleep on planes, but c'est la vie. I sat next to a friendly man from Argentina named Rueben.

Once I got to the airport and got my luggage, I arranged to take the Manuel Tienda Leon bus to downtown Buenos Aires, which would connect to a local shuttle to take me to the hostel. Then I waited in a long line for what seemed to be the only ATM at the airport because I wanted to have some Argentinian pesos on me. I was later told there were other ATMS, but I couldn't find them, so I just waited.

With a little extra help, I found the bus and was on my way to downtown. It was around lunchtime, and traffic was bad, but we eventually got to the bus station. Transferring to the shuttle was easy, so I arrived at the hostel without too much trouble.

By the way, as you read this travelogue, if you have questions, comments, or find mistakes, feel free to get in touch. I imagine some of the links to external sites are bound to get broken over time, and I'm happy to update things like that. I'm also happy to share more information about my trip and help you plan yours.

Also, yes, I know the videos (pillow fight, dance stage at Personal Fest, Supervielle at Personal Fest, tango at La Viruta) I have linked from the slide pages in AVI format are large files (10s of MBs!) that could stand to be compressed for download. When I tried, the quality was abysmal, most likely due to the fact that they are already low quality. Feel free to skip the videos if you have a slow connection since they aren't of high quality and are very short (it will take you longer to download than to watch!)

Sarah Gordon, sarahatfingeronthepulsedotorg

DATE: 12/02/2006
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