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Valentino was the first friend I met at the hostel. He is from Italy and lives in London. We played many, many card games. He taught me the "pure" version of Scopa, though I like the version of Cirulla that I learned in Seville from the Italians I was living with there better (sorry Valentino!). We also played Briscola, S***head, and truco. On the day I arrived, we took a walk around town (more pictures from that later).

It should be publicly noted that Valentino owes me an ice cream cone. We made a bet (the wager was an ice cream cone) as to the direction from where we were standing to the symphony concert hall, and I won that bet. I never got to cash in on my winnings, though as you'll note in the subsequent pages, I did get my fill of the delicious Argentinian ice cream. I did manage to find the concert hall and attend the symphony that night. Truth be told, I was nodding off a bit during the concert since I was pretty sleep deprived by that evening because I hadn't slept the previous night on the plane.

DATE: 11/19/2006
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